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Car diagnostic tests and engine faults

Equipped with the latest high-end vehicle diagnostic equipment Mayford Motors can identify a problem quickly. This saves time, money and a trial and error approach to your vehicle repairs and maintenance. We provide engine diagnostic tests for your car to help find the cause of any faults or warning lights on your dashboard.

The ECU installed on your vehicle is an excellent source of information and can also identify stresses in the system before the engine light comes on. Therefore, we use diagnostics regularly; not only in identifying a problem, but also to establish whether there are any other underlying problems that have not yet come to the fore.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The ECU or engine control unit can be considered to be your car’s brain and as new cars are developed this system becomes more complicated. This marvellous piece of engineering not only monitors your engine but also other systems in the car that are electrically connected to the ECU, including the catalytic converter and surrounding systems and certain electrical functions.

The way we use diagnostic equipment in everyday tasks in the service centre enables us to quickly spot problems, often before they even begin to show symptoms. The equipment once connected to the ECU will produce error codes to indicate where trouble is brewing. In a healthy car, the system will be error free. The highly trained technicians in our workshop will then be able to establish the root of the problem and which course of action to take to remedy the issue.

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Multiple engine codes

Occasionally multiple codes will emerge on inspection because several related areas are affected by a specific failure within the engine or another system. These will all be addressed at the same time, saving the customer time, money and future expense. This will also prevent a hit and miss approach to vehicle maintenance. The ECU is the functional powerhouse of the modern vehicle, be it a car or a commercial vehicle, and this where the first notifications of many problems will emerge. When the engine light comes on, it should be attended to immediately so that the problem can be quickly identified and resolved before a domino effect can take place affecting secondary vehicle systems.

Because the ECU is connected to multiple systems in your vehicle when the engine light shows it is very important to identify the problem. The problem may not be inside the engine, however, even if the problem is external to the engine, other parts failures can precipitate dangerous situations such as car fires from electrical failure or non-replacement of essential parts.

The advantage of using diagnostics within an ECU is that there is no guesswork and it saves the client money as labour costs are reduced.

Engine remapping

When there has been a significant failure in the ECU or the client wants to enhance vehicle performance remapping is an option than many customers would like to consider. It is very important to discuss this option with your technician because this is not suitable for all ECUs or situations. Remapping is a convenient way to increase your vehicle’s performance without having to make structural changes to it. It is highly recommended you explore your reasons for wanting this done as it may affect the insurance and warranties on your vehicle.

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