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For many car owners, the looming MOT can be a bit like a dental check. Worried that something untoward may be discovered or potential costs may rack up. The MOT is the single best method to ensuring your vehicle is safe on the road and is an annual necessity. Once your car has reached its third birthday you must put it through this test annually. The issuing of a MOT is now fully computerised and administered by the DVSA – Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

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MOT test checks

Your vehicle will need to pass multiple checks and tests for a valid MOT to be issued. Once this has happened you can rest assured that your vehicle is safe to return to the roads again. Mayford Motors has three certified MOT testers that have been specially trained for this purpose and they will be able to advise you should any issues arise. All MOT testers are certified by the DVSA so that customers get the level of quality they need.

Mayford Motors has the capacity to manage three MOT tests at any given time with dedicated MOT bays. The additional servicing staff are available to address any issues should they be flagged during the test and overall vehicle inspection.

MOT repairs

We manage both elective and unexpected repair scenarios including those that arise as a result of a failed MOT test. Whether we must replace a light bulb or need to implement some welding work, we can deal with the issues, once you have given us the go ahead.

Because we undertake the MOTs on site rather than sub-contract to a separate centre, we usually have some background on the vehicles that return to our site annually and have kept a record of what to look out for. This enables our customers to rest assured that all is well with their vehicle when the go home with another year’s certificate in their possession.

Quick turnaround

The average MOT take can take around forty-five minutes, and customers may want to wait or come back later. It is also possible to leave your vehicle behind in the morning for its MOT and collect it again in the evening. We will contact you if there are any issues that require immediate attention too. MOT garages can be quite busy so we recommend that you call us to book or book online to avoid any disappointment, especially if you are fast approaching the expiry date.

Regular vehicle servicing

While MOT checks are designed to ensure that a car is roadworthy, they do not replace the necessity for regular servicing. Failing to service your car regularly will almost certainly lead to eventual MOT failure and repairs that are more expensive than regular servicing could have prevented. All our servicing methods are based on manufacturer’s guidelines and we ensure that all the checks are made according to their recommendations.

Your car will have a class 4 MOT test that Mayford Motors has the authority to apply and administer. It is wise to run through a quick self-check before bringing your car in to avoid unnecessary failures, such as blown lamps to windscreen wash and oil top ups.

MOT checklist

By asking a friend or family member to help you go through a quick checklist you can cover the obvious parts, such as lights and indicators, tyre pressure and tread, the horn and that the steering isn’t stiff or making strange noises. Knocks and rattles should also be investigated before bringing the car in for an MOT, however, we are likely to identify the problem during the test and advise what to do if it needs attention.

Simple issues such as worn wiper blades or low-level fluids can cause an MOT failure. If you check them up front it can save you the hassle of a retest. If you need any help or advice surrounding your MOT test, please let us know. Book online for your MOT and service today with Mayford Motors.

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