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Mayford Motors provides quality car repairs and replacement parts for your vehicle at prices that are affordable. We aim to please every customer that comes through our doors, so we make sure we run through repair plans before we conduct any repairs. You can book online for your car repairs, visual inspections or engine diagnostics at just a few clicks of a button.

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Daily wear and tear

As your car gets older, parts will wear and systems fail. Your approach to these failures will determine how long your car will last and how expensive it becomes to manage repairs. The sooner a car is attended to after an issue arises, the less it will cost. There is a domino effect when things go wrong in a car as the car’s systems all connect one way or another. E.g. A car that overheats is going to cause damage to secondary systems if the overheating isn’t resolved quickly. Problems become a lot bigger quickly if the original problem isn’t taken care of in time. This applies to all the cars systems, braking, transmission, steering, electrical and the engine too.

Catching car problems early on

When a key problem is identified and repaired early on, other systems in the vehicle are saved from strain and wear that possibly not designed to handle. This prevents a situation where cumulative problems are likely to build up as a direct result of failure to fix the original problem. The financial outlay for a repair to a vehicle is relative to the time taken to address the failure or damage from the time that the first symptoms appeared.

Regular car servicing

By servicing a vehicle regularly, even older vehicles can be kept in an optimum state of health and impending repairs can be quickly spotted before they become a serious problem. The single greatest preventative measure in terms of car repairs is the decision to service regularly. This will keep a car on the road for many years and increase its eventual resale value.

Properly maintaining your vehicle will also mean that parts last longer and you are less likely to experience multiple parts or systems failures at once, the scenario most car owners dread. Likewise repairing worn parts quickly will have a similar effect. By replacing worn tyres, pressure on the axle and steering is reduced and these systems will go that extra mile before they require attention. Replacing brake pads and repairing a clutch when symptoms arise, rather than waiting for complete failure may not only save you money in terms of early repairs but also prevent the possibility of an accident.

Emergency vehicle repairs

Mayford Motors provides both emergency and elective repair options, whether you’ve broken down or had an accident. Contact us or book online if you require vehicle recovery locally and let us know if you will need to hire a car, as we have an excellent and affordable vehicle hire solution. We will provide advice on everything you need to know especially when facing a major repair decision, especially in relation to older vehicles.We provide free estimates and will not start work until you’ve given us the all clear to commence the work. Once we know what we’re dealing with, well provide work timelines and offer support that you may need. It is important to let us know who will be footing the bill for an accident repair and whether the insurance companies have given you the go ahead to repair the vehicle.

If you require recovery, we can arrange for this, whether it is an emergency recovery or an appointed one from your home.

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